✔ Top 5 Best SmartPhones 2013


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19 Responses to “✔ Top 5 Best SmartPhones 2013”

  1. Victor Kojic says:

    Iphone5 is not better than s4. Iphone5 is just outdated in my opinion.

  2. LilG0628 says:

    Anne Emineo if you think that explain why everyone has an iPhone

  3. Anne Emineo says:

    buying an i phone is just buying a toy with an apple on the back
    s4 is the best
    ill prefer an ericson 3310 than an i phone

  4. CHEEZKER says:

    wtf why is gs4 3rd it surpasses both the htc one and the iphone 5.i know everybody’s got there opinions but common there’s also facts.go check out some videos of it if you don’t believe me

  5. Meenakshi Gupta says:

    LG Optimus G Pro is best

  6. ziadeldakkak123 says:

    Ipone 5 is the best

  7. kesseybros says:

    HTC One deserves it but iPhone5 second hmmm questionable it’s so boring no any exciting features therefore in my opinion S4 is way better than iPhone5

  8. Siyu He says:

    HTC one is the best? that makes no sense. and Iphone is number 2? that s bullshiat, it shouldnt even be on the list. I think Galaxy S4 should be the number 1.

  9. sony Bror says:

    I phone is just a bullshit. Iphone is not customizable. All the i phone is same and the same function.Nothing excited in i phone

  10. Jerlena Saxton says:

    Galaxy S4 then second galaxy note 2…. Thats all one needs…

  11. StarbuckDragon says:

    I think the s4 and iPhone 5 should be switched but otherwise than that, this list is Dragon approved!

  12. TheMegadong says:

    Ppl critisize iPhone’s ranking just because they hate/dislike Apple’s products. I’d like to know how many iPhone hater/disliker actually knows the iPhone and have used it. Many ppl say “iPhone sucks” just because it’s fashionable. Anyways I was quite surprised because the whole ranking went exactly how I would’ve ranked the phones.

  13. catha86 says:

    no htc one should be the one idiot.

  14. Arman Shamsu says:

    iphone is preety much the same its like an upgraded 4s look almost same BOORING that iphone should be number 4 or 5 .

  15. BestPhonesX says:

    that make sense

  16. Frank vanloon says:

    Not surprised that the HTC one is the best, but the iphone on number 2?? The iphone was top of the bill in 2010 en 2011 but not anymore. Only in the US people love their own phone.

  17. josuezavalajzjz says:

    Galaxy s 4 should be #1 idiot!!!

  18. Piyush Ranjan says:

    I think s4 ‘s BETTER than iphone 5….. apple sucks

  19. josuezavalajzjz says:

    Galaxy s 4 is the best

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